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From the Principal

As a school we are always thinking about how to increase the positive behaviors we see at Baldwin and how we can work to discourage negative behaviors that don’t align with our schoolwide expectations.

We are working really hard and we hope you see evidence of this. Some of the things we have done include:

  • Reiterating our commitment to Responsive Classroom
  • Some social-emotional whole classroom learning from our clinical staff 
  • Developing a set of schoolwide rules
  • Developing a set of schoolwide expectations in non-classroom settings 
  • Refining our office referral procedures
  • Using research-based restorative practices more often
  • Reviewing response call and office referral data to inform practice
  • Working closely together with parents to develop effective individualized plans for students who need more support
  • Working with teachers who need additional resources and support for students in their classrooms

Again, even with these elements in process or in place, we definitely see the need for further improvement of the culture of behavior at Baldwin. We are working really hard, yet we are not yet where we want to be.

We are considering some specific next steps to build on the work we have already done. Please join us at our School Council meeting on Wednesday to learn more, or just take a look at the notes!

Thanks for reading,