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Our Mission

  • We are a diverse school that delivers a welcoming, inclusive, and joyful learning environment that supports every student in taking risks, learning and reaching his or her full potential, that builds community, individual responsibility and self-confidence, and enjoys established connections to universities and museums.

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Baldwin SchoolBaldwin School Core Values
We, the students of the Maria L. Baldwin School:

Always give our best effort.
Stand up for ourselves and others.
Are kind, positive and safe.
Treat others the way we want to be treated.
Work together to make a fun learning community.

School Hours
When does school start?

Our school day starts at 8:40AM. Students should enter the classroom, put their coats and belongings in their lockers, and check for morning work or activities with their teacher at this time.

School does not start at 8:55AM. At 8:55AM the late bell rings and students are then marked as “tardy”. Students need to be in their classroom and ready to learn before 8:55AM. Parents are reminded that attendance, including late arrivals, appears on a student’s permanent school record.

The instructional day ends at 2:55PM. Students are dismissed at 3PM.

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