Message from Heidi Cook: March 10, 2022

Message from Heidi Cook: March 10, 2022
Posted on 03/10/2022

Dear Baldwin Community,

I wanted to write today with some updates and information.
But first, I open this note by acknowledging the ongoing and horrific situation in Ukraine.

A Baldwin parent who is very knowledgeable and close to the situation shared the following link, which is a collection of organizations and sites. This document could be helpful if you’re looking for ways to provide support. View document >>

As many of you know, this year, Ramadan begins the evening of April 2nd and ends on May 2nd. During this time, we want to be sure our families know that Baldwin school will provide private space to pray and we will also allow students to spend their lunch period outside of the cafeteria if they choose. If students would like either of these options, please reach out to your child’s teacher, to Susan or to Heidi.

I anticipate that we’ll be hearing information soon about the proposal to lift the mask mandate in Cambridge Public Schools. We don’t have detailed information yet. However, I do want to be clear that at Baldwin we will work to normalize and destigmatize the wearing of masks. If the masks do become optional, everyone belongs at Baldwin whether or not you’re wearing a mask! We also want to recognize that for some families and students, going maskless is not a safe choice yet. Please stay tuned to district communications about any changes to the masking policies.

I also write today specifically to any caregivers whose children play on the playground or field after school. Recently, we have seen an increase in concerns and complaints about behaviors. When behaviors occur after school, the school usually doesn’t get involved, but in some cases incidents have impacts during the school day. While we cannot mandate rules beyond the school day, we definitely want to stress that parents must closely supervise their children, especially when the playground is most busy right after school. When incidents occur, we expect caregivers to support peaceful problem solving when necessary.

In case it’s helpful, I want to share our schoolwide rules for the playground. These might be helpful for you as you supervise your children.

  1. Keep a safe body.
  2. Use equipment properly.
  3. Use friendly words and actions and include others.
  4. Be an upstander, not a bystander (this means-step in or get help when something isn’t right–don’t just ignore someone who needs help)
  5. Use appropriate language
  6. Use peacemaking and problem solving skills
  7. Try new activities

I think we may be done with snow play for a while, but just in case, here are our snow rules during school:

  1. You must wear boots if your feet are in the snow.
  2. You must wear snow pants if your legs are touching the snow.
  3. Snow must stay on the ground. You may build with snow if it stays on the ground. We don’t throw snow (or ice) during school at Baldwin.

Thank you for reading and ensuring that Baldwin is a safe and inviting community for everyone during AND after school!


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