Baldwin Stories of Water Authors

Baldwin Stories of Water Authors
Posted on 10/18/2019

The many authors that contributed to the Baldwin Stories of Water book (which can be found in the library) include Alexandre, Anna K., Atticus, Beatrix, Belamie, Calista, Ciaran, Clara, Eli, Emily Y., Gabriella, Isabella Bl, Janessa, Jennifer D., Lukas, Max S., Milo,Noah S., Oliver M., Onora, Oyane, Pablo, Piersen, Porter, Roya, Sahana, Sophie, Sophie, Tom, Vivien, Zoe, Thank to you Ms. Thompson for encouraging our students to write many incredible stories of water. Enjoy this sampling of their work.

Sweet Water! by Zoe
Water is sweet.
Water is cold.
Sun on the water
shines like gold.
Tasty to drink
fun to play with.
Also the home of
the mermaids of myth.
When you are hot
go to a pool.
Fish in a tank
think water is cool.

Water by Porter
A nice drink of water
When it hits your mouth it bursts with refreshment.
When it goes down your throat you can feel the slightest touch of it.
It's pure, nothing coming down your throat
It feels like pure hydration.

Water Through the Seasons by Vivien
In the winter, the water freezes into glinting icicles and snowflakes dance until they tough the ground.
In spring, the ice melts, revealing tiny flowers and rain showers make everything green again.
In summer, thunderstorms bring lightning flashes and thunder booms rain gushes down cooling everything.
In fall, leaves drift into gurgling streams, floating like gems on the water.

The Walk to the Well by Onora
As usual early in the morning when it was still dark, I walked the long walk to the well. Here in our village and other villages, there is only one well. Even though I, Ranm, am only eleven, I sometimes walk far from hoe. I walked with my bucket swaying in my hands through the hot desert. My thirst was growing. I wish the wind was blowing.

Grandma once told me that a long, long time ago the wind blew. She told me that her grandma's grandmother's granddad's mom was there when it happened.

I kept walking. My throat was getting so dry that my mouth stung with pain. We were very lucky to have a well and water close enough that we can walk to without fainting. People from other villages have to walk double the amount I am walking right now to get to their well.

I came upon a large oak tree. That tree meant to me that I was almost to the well When I saw it I ran. I ran with my bucket swinging in my hands. My mom usually walks to the well but this time I was doing it to surprise her. I know about the oak tree from mom and dad's stories from walking to the well. I stopped at the well, panting. I waited for my turn, jealous of the other moms and kids drinking their water that they got from the well.
It was very crowded here at the well today. Finally it was my turn. I tied my bucket to the rope that went down far into the well then lowered the bucket and rope down. I let the bucket go down under the surface of the water and pulled the bucket up to take a sip. I stopped right before the cold water touched my mouth. I thought about how my little sister, Gandala, and my little brother, Cuzoramundo (we call him Cuzo for short) and my mom and dad were probably up and awake and their throats were dry and thirsty, just like my own.

Righ then and there, Ii decided that I should share the water. I decided not to enjoy all the cold water for myself, but I should go back home and enjoy the water with my family. I walked all the way back to my home and came bursting in, smiling.

"Ramo, you're back!", shouted Gandala.
"Wa-ter", said Cuzo in his toddler voice.
"Thank you Ramo," said Dad gratefully with tears in his eyes.
"What a surprise! " added Mom.
We invited all our neighbors, friends and family over to our house. We played games, talked, laughed, and had fun, but best of all, shared water!

Ocean by Beatrix
Somehow you travel from the river to the sea and when you are there you curl up into tiny waves hitting the shore with a splash.
Kids squeal watching their sand castles crumble to the ground waiting to be rebuilt.

Dogs Drink by Eli
Do you every wonder how dogs drink water? You might think dogs just lick water. But that's wrong. Actually, dogs lap or take up water with their tongues curled backward. As they lap they move their tongues very quickly to build momentum. That's how dogs drink water. The problem is that I think my dog is not so good at it. My dog is very old and cute. But i think my dog is not good at it because she dunked her head in the water bowl and got water in her nose.

Life Without Water by Noah S.
One day, there was a world where humans never stepped foot on that world because ... there was no such thing as water. Nobody can survive, but ... there was an evil scientist that shot a rocket with humans in it! They went to the world...

Oh no!
They crashed an the rocket brown down. They had to find any liquid substance. They would event drink poison at this rate. After a day passed they had really dry throats and were sick. There is no way they could survive.

Now you know what life would be like without water.

Water Words by Ciaran
water fight
lemonade stand
water slide
rock jumping

Clean Ocean by Sophie
I am graceful, beautiful, and lithe.
But today, I became entangled in vile plastic.
Trapped, terrified, I experienced a cascade of fear.

I hear a diver coming near.
Painfully I swim until I appear a wounded dolphin.
I circle and entreat
Happily the diver cuts me free.

The water was once clear, pure, and pristine.
Now tinfoil, plastic and fishing nets rains down in Adams ale.
Excuse me Homo spaiens, I want my ocean to be cool and clear.

Water is Amazing! by Clara
Water is everywhere
Rain is water.
Water comes from clouds.
Clouds are made by millions of tiny water droplets.
Water evaporates into a cloud.
When a cloud gets heavy it rains.
When a cloud gets really dark a thunderstorm happens.
Lightning and thunder is cool!
Lakes are made out of rain. You can swim in a lake.
You can drink water.
The water you drink comes from clouds, rain falls from the sky into a lake and you drink it. Yummy! I love rain, do you?

H20 by Jennifer D.
Before water is sent to you home it gets cleaned. This is so family and friends don't get sick. You need fresh water to live because if you drank salt water you would get sick and die.
There is only 3 percent of Earth's water is fresh water, so hydrologists are studying groundwater for freshwater sources.
In the 1800's, scientists understood that the rain that fell from the sky came from the oceans.
Plants only use a little bit of water which helps the world save water.

Water Pollution by Anna (from one of many chapters in Anna's Aqua Academy, A Complete Guide to Water)
Water pollution is HOOORRRIBBBLLEEE! In case you don't know what water pollution is, it is water that is contaminated with trash, and horrible things. It makes water dirty and dangerous. Some people die, because they have to drink contaminated water since they don't have anything else to drink.

When people throw plastic and other trash into the water, the ocean becomes polluted. A lot of sea creatures die. The Save the Sea Turtles Act is mostly because of water pollution; animals get their necks stuck in plastic rings, or they eat trash and choke, or they get poisoned or trapped, and a whole bunch of other horrible things happen to them.
Imagine it's a hot day. You go to get a drink of water. BLEH! The water is poopy and filled with old banana peels! Ew! (continued on next page)

You go to take a shower, and trashbags and black oily water rains down on you!

This is how the sea animals live everyday. And you think you've got it bad when you drink clean fresh water instead of chemical filled fake sweetener soda!

There are ways to prevent water pollution:

  1. Turn off the tap when you're done with it; don't leave the water going to prevent water shortage!
  2. Don't throw oil or paint and other messy stuff down the drain or toilet.
  3. Don't throw your trash in rivers or oceans and don't leave it just lying on the floor.
  4. If you have reusable straw, cutlery, and other things like that, don't use the plastic types that you throw away after one use, plastic takes a lot of time to break down. This is what we estimate: Plastic bags can take 20 years to decompose, plastic bottles up to 450 years, and fishing lines up to 600 years!
  5. If you see trash lying around, pick it up and throw it away!
  6. If you own a boat or you go sailing regularly, make sure there aren't toxic liquids leaking from it into the water.
  7. If you have a pet that takes walks, a dog for example, don't leave its poop lying around.
  8. If you can reuse items, like bags, don't throw them away; use them for something else.
  9. Make sure that floaties, balloons and balls don't float away when you are at the beach.
  10. Make a clean-up group or join one if you're free and see if there's anything you can throw away or reuse.

These are all ways to prevent water pollution.

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