Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

8AM – Early Arrival for Before School Activities and Breakfast
Students may enter the building and proceed to the cafeteria, or morning gym, if it is their scheduled day, or the designated area for their morning activity.

8:40AM Bell – First Bell
Students may proceed to their classrooms. All teachers are now on duty.

8:50AM Bell- School Day Begins
Instruction is expected to begin; parents are respectfully requested to leave the class at this time to allow teachers to begin teaching.

Late Arrival
Classroom instruction begins promptly at 8:50AM. Students who arrive after 8:50 must report to the main office where they will receive a pass to present to their teacher. When a child arrives late, they are marked Tardy. This is part of the child’s permanent record.

2:55PM Bell - The instructional day ends.
3PM – Students are dismissed.
Agassiz Afterschool Students
Kindergarten and first grade students who attend Agassiz Afterschool are picked up from their classroom by afterschool teachers. Students in grades 2 – 5 who attend Agassiz Afterschool walk downstairs to their program.

Bus Students
Kindergarten and first grade students who ride the bus are escorted to the front of the building with a teacher or staff member. For students in grades 2 – 5, students leave their classroom when their bus is announced.

Students Being Picked Up
For student safety and to lessen confusion in the hallways at the end of the day, parents and caregivers who pick up their children are requested to wait outside the Sacramento Street door. The door will open when the first bus is announced. Parents are welcome to pick their child up in the classroom.
Early Dismissal
If your child will be leaving during the school day, please send in a note or email the homeroom teacher. If your plans change during the day, and your child is being dismissed early, please call the school and notify the school clerk. She will get a message to the classroom teacher. Plan to pick up your child in the office where personnel will call the classroom to notify the child and teacher.