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What is Your Ideal Cambridge ... A Kindergarten View

What is Your Ideal Cambridge ... A Kindergarten View
Posted on 05/25/2017
PlaygroundThe Mayor of the City, E. Denise Simmons, sent a letter to the kindergarten students in rooms 104 and 215. She asked the students, some of the youngest residents of the City of Cambridge, to give her input about structures in the city. As part of their construction unit, she asked for their suggestion about construction in the city and how to make Cambridge a fairer and more interesting place for children. She asked them to make a model of their ideas. Using the information and skills they gained over the past two months, the students created a model to help her understand their ideas and thinking.

After much deliberating and reflection, the class agreed that while Cambridge a wonderful place, as a city we need to work on taking better care of children’s feelings.

Working in small groups, the children identified specific ways they would like to see the City work to “Make Cambridge A Better Place for All Children’s Feelings.”

This model represents their hard work, collaboration, problem solving and remarkable ideas.

The students in Carrie's class had with some of their ideas including a tree house, an animal rescue, a stage, and a zip line. Ms. Corianne's class thought playgrounds should have feelings mirrors and a place to go when kids feel sad or embarrassed.