Visiting Foreign Lands in the Library

Visiting Foreign Lands in the Library
Posted on 11/02/2015
5th grade students are learning about foreign countries using culture grams and google flights. Students were asked to create a postcard, with facts, about their selected country. Here are a couple samples...   

Dear Ms. Kugel, 

I woke up and I went to the airport. I wanted to go to Rome, Italy. I got on the plane. Six hours later, I got off the plane and it was hot outside. I stopped for lunch and I ate pizza and spaghetti. It was really delicious. I wanted to play soccer and meet famous soccer players. And I also wanted to go to the Colosseum. I learned that there is more than 3 million people in Rome, Italy and it is also the largest city.


Dear Ms. Kugel, 

It took me more than 14 hours and 49 minutes with more than one stop, but I finally arrived. My destination is Buenos Aires. I have a guide with me who speaks both English and Spanish because their first language there is Spanish. Tonight for dinner I'll have Locro - a stew made of corn, meat, and potatoes. You keep your fork in the left hand and knife in your right. It's considered polite if both hands (not elbows) are above the table. Tomorrow I will go to a football game. Another popular sport is polo. 

I hope to see you soon, 


p.s. An interesting fact I learned is that an Argentinian greeting is a kiss on the cheek.