Thank You, Friends of Baldwin!

Thank You, Friends of Baldwin!
Posted on 06/22/2017
The Friends of Baldwin mission is to support the educational experience of our students. This year, our school was especially supported. The Friends had another great year, successfully fundraising for overnight camp scholarships and amazing in-school enrichments. In addition to providing scholarships and subsidizing the overnight camping trips for students in grades 2 - 5 to Cape Cod Sea Camp and Nature’s Classroom, this year, the Friends helped with the following in-school enrichments:
  • Author visit by Jared Krosoczka for all grades
  • Purchase of a 3-D printer for the use of all classes
  • Whale education activity with a life-size inflatable humpback whale for all classes.
  • Field Day subsidy, including support for the dunk tank and ice cream treats for all children
  • Wingmasters owl education visit for the Kindergarten classes
  • Trip to Drumlin Farm for the Kindergarten classes
  • Author visit by Lizzie Rockwell to the Kindergarten and First Grade
  • Tanglewood Marionette show for the Kindergarten classes and First Grade
  • First Grade trip to the New England Aquarium
  • Origami instruction activity for the Second Grade
  • Yoga instruction for the Second Grade
  • Math enrichment for the Second Grade
  • Field trip to Paul Revere’s house for Third Grade
  • Field trip to Old South Meeting House for Third Grade
  • Historic New England scrapbooking activity for the Fourth Grade
  • Stress bands for the Fourth Grade
  • Freedom Trail trip for the Fifth Grade
  • New rug for Mr. Epstein's music classroom
  • New music player for Mr. Gladu's physical education classes
  • Snowshoes for the physical education classes
  • Therapeutic chew necklaces for the school's occupational therapist
  • Support for Ms. Kugel's "Shelter in a Book” program

  • Grants of $400 for every teacher, including teachers of special classes such as Art and Music, to support learning activities
The board of the Friends of Baldwin work diligently to support our students and our school community. We owe them all our gratitude. A heartfelt thank you to the co-presidents, Bob Neer and Andrew Jankowich for an extraordinary year. Thank you to Chris Lim and Angela Wong, the hard-working and always smiling treasurer and assistant treasurer. Thank you to Courtney Wilson, secretary and counsel. Thank you to Audrey-Day Williams for taking on the role of room parent coordinator. This year, we were very fortunate to have additional supporting roles including fundraising chair Leslie Duhaylongsod, responsible for recruiting parents for annual fundraising activities; enrichment manager Annie Sweeney who coordinates enrichments, and community relations liaison Maritza Soto, who is a liaison to our neighborhood - thank you all! Thank you to the entire Baldwin Blooms team, headed by Jenny Monroe, responsible for the annual blooming event. Jenny's team includes Sarah Watton, Diana Feik, Allison Henson, Katie Salter, Lauren Kiraly, Cynthia Becker, Elizabeth Fennel and Nina Wooten. Our community is so very grateful for your dedication to the students of the Baldwin school. All these parents are not only invested in helping the Baldwin, they like to have fun. Volunteering is a very rewarding way to meet new friends and there are many opportunities to get involved with this team. Please consider getting involved.