STEM Club News: February 2019

STEM Club News: February 2019
Posted on 02/11/2019
Baldwin in Flight and Motion
STEMDuring the last month, the students of STEM Club learned about things that fly: flying squirrels, people in wingsuits, ultralight gliders, helicopters and rockets. They then made their own flying objects including hoop gliders, airplanes and helicopters. They learned about the four forces involved: thrust, drag, lift and weight.

Rocket cars are the current project. Unlike flight, there are three forces involved in moving a car: thrust, drag and weight. The kids noticed that cars made with straws for runners move faster than those with cardboard runners.

STEM club gives the students opportunities to use their imagination and they learn how to troubleshoot problems because not everything works the first time. This truly is a growth-mindset opportunity for our kids thanks to Josh, Chris, Marty, Beth, Colin and all the STEM Club parent volunteers.

STEM Club is always looking for volunteers! STEM Club is very popular and many students attend. STEM Club is parent run. STEM CLUB NEEDS VOLUNTEERS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. Please continue the success of STEM Club. They meet Wednesday mornings at 8AM in the library. Drop in and join in the fun!

STEM ClubSTEM Fest --- March 14
Our incredible parent-run STEM Club has sponsored a STEM Fair in years past. This year, we will have a day of STEM, during the school day. The date is March 14. Shifting the STEM fair into the school day will increase student access. The STEM Club parents and Ms. Heidi have worked hard to plan an incredible day that starts with a STEM Fest kick off meeting and then programming for each grade level that will include a presentation and then a hands-on STEM activity. Volunteers will be needed for STEM Fest in every classroom. Once the schedule for the day is finalized, there will be a call for volunteers. Please be on the lookout for an email looking for classroom volunteers to support the hand-on activity. These activities will last about 90 minutes. We're looking forward to having you come join the fun!

Thank you to the STEM Club parents and thank you to Friends of Baldwin for supporting this awesome STEM day.
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