Perfect Poetry!

Perfect Poetry!
Posted on 05/02/2019
student poetThank you to all the families who came and supported Poetry Night. Our student poets were remarkable! Thank you to our Literacy Coach, Ms. Summer Thompson for organizing and carrying on this beautiful tradition at Baldwin. Thank you to our teachers who inspired students to write original poetry. Amazing student poems are included below.

Thank you to the parents for their contributions to the food sale. A special thank you to 4th grade students Ayaat, Oyane and Saron for helping with set up. Thank you to Leslie D. and Beth for their help manning the table with our incredible students Hannah, Beatrix, Ayaat, Oyane and Saron. Thank you to Liz for the hot dogs! Thank you to Ashley, Bethany, Daniela, Ellen, Jennifer L., Joanne, Kaitlin,Lei, Leslie N., Lynda, Maritza, Melissa, Rachel S., Sharon and Valeria for contributing delicious baked goods.

Here are a few poetry websites for your family to explore:

student poetsBookworms
by Iris and Lisa (grade 4)

We read all day we read all night
But something doesn't seem too right
We look through books, nothing there
Only stories about which we don't care

Another day. Another night,
Searching for the book that's right
Through fiction, friction, and alien abduction,
If only we found books with a worthy introduction...

We've looked too far, we've looked too high,
I wonder if the middle's right!
Heading over to the middle section
I wish I had good book detection!

Oh good, we've found a match!
To get it, let's open up the hatch
Shiny cover, Worthy introduction,
It's not about alien abduction, and definitely not destruction ...

It's about poetry, a poetry tree!
The one thing that really gets to me!
I love the differences, Has all my fave preferences,
Includes so many different experiences!

That's what I love about,
Makes me feel free to shout!
That's what I love about being a bookworm,
It's got everything that describes me!

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