kpicpaint.jpgThe goal of our Baldwin Kindergarten is to nurture children's cognitive, aesthetic, social/emotional, neurological, and physical development. Our major focus of curriculum planning and implementation is to ensure that we create and balance appropriate educational activities that contribute to these facets of young children's growth and development within a supportive classroom/school environment. Our approaches involve creating an environment in which children of a wide range of interests and stages of development engage in a variety of "hands on" activities that nourish their growth as life-long learners.

Curriculum content areas are carefully planned, woven, and implemented into activities that make up specific themes of study. By integrating various areas into related activities (for example, combining the study of insects with reading, writing, music, art, drama, math and social studies), we are able to cover a great deal more than we would by treating them as separate areas of study. This approach is exciting and encourages home involvement too!

Our daily activities are aimed at increasing children’s self-esteem, independence, self-motivation, cooperation, and problem solving experiences. Children are given opportunities to learn independently, with a partner, as teams, on to one with a teacher, and in whole class interactive lessons. We highly value children interacting and learning from each other.

kindergarten.pngBefore children come to school, they have learned about their world through play. We capitalize on this natural inclination by providing time and materials for play as part of our daily schedule. One of the best ways for children to learn is in an enriched, supportive environment that combines teacher facilitated developmental activities and that nurtures a child’s natural curiosity through play.

Our children’s families are important members of our class and school community. We value and encourage open and on-going communication through the year. We know that a strong, comfortable school/home connection is vital to support a child’s success in school. We welcome and provide many academic, cultural/ethnic, and social opportunities for family involvement and participation in the classroom and Baldwin School Community.

Class trips to the Harvard Museum of Natural History, Maynard Ecology Center, Cambridge Public Library, and Thematic Topic Trips.

Baldwin Storytelling Program
Our students in kindergarten and first grade participate in storytelling theater where the students are the actors. Storytelling is a powerful medium that helps develop visual imagery skills and is an effective bridge to emergent literacy. Each classroom has their own “stage” where students take turns creating stories and acting them out together. Storytelling builds children’s self-control, fosters cultural appreciation, develops working memory, inspires imagination and encourages children to take risks.

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