School Hours

When does school start?
The school day begins at 8:40AM, and students will be marked tardy if they are not IN THEIR CLASS, READY TO LEARN at 8:55AM. Over the past few years, there has been a growing practice of students/families thinking that they need to be in the front door by 8:55AM, which is not the case. A new 8:50AM bell will be implemented to help with the change. As part of this, all before school activities, STEM/Math clubs, Let’s Move, will start at 8:10AM and end at 8:40AM, so that all students will be required to eat breakfast before attending the clubs, not after .

The instructional day lasts until 2:55PM, when the bell rings and students are reminded to report to their homeroom. Bus students and walkers are dismissed at 3PM. Students are not permitted to leave the classroom until they are called to do so and must check out with an adult before leaving according to the teacher’s policy. Students are ONLY PERMITTED TO RIDE THEIR ASSIGNED BUS unless they have a written, signed note from a parent or legal guardian. Students who break this rule or who leave the classroom before their bus is called can lose bus privileges. Parents who pick up their children are asked to enter through the Sacramento Street door (not the main entrance) only after 3PM, and not before. Afterschool, parents are reminded that students may not play in the park unsupervised, it is a parents responsibility after a child leaves the building.

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