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Posted on 05/11/2015
origamiOrigami Master Michael LaFosse came to visit Baldwin second grade students. Thank you to the Friends of Baldwin for an incredible in-school enrichment. Michael is a paper maker and a paper folding artist. He has been practicing the art of origami for more than 40 years.

Mike explained the origin of the word origami ...ori comes from the root of the Japanese verb oru, meaning "to fold"; gami comes from the Japanese word for paper, kami. He started by showing the students some of his amazing origami creations, some of which have been on display at the Louvre.

origamiMike showed the students how to make different models using "storigami,"

His tips: Using the origami 'rule of thumb', going over the fold with 
your thumb, if used on paper airplanes, it improves the performance 
of the plane. Also, when you get a package with nice gift wrap, don't just tear the wrapping paper. Remove it nicely and then the wrapping paper becomes great origami paper.