School Art Show

School Art Show
Posted on 12/19/2019
At the Chandler Gallery, every student has art on display. The title of the show is School. This is the description of the show.

School of FishA motley mixture of coincidence and deliberation united all of us, three hundred thirty-seven individuals, into a school. So many variables played out: families found themselves in this city (for a little or a long time), a district lottery aggregated individuals into a building, and dates of birth placed us into grades and classrooms. Like a school of fish, Maria L. Baldwin School’s students come together at a time and in a place that encourages unity and forward movements. On any given day, our school is a myriad of actions. We are twists and turns and loop-de-loops, we are jumps and jolts and dodges. Impulse and reaction, synchronicity and deliberateness, we read and draw, we calculate and question, we interrupt and respond and sing and write and invent and decipher. We chase and jump and climb and build, we kick and dribble and score and more. We skin our knees and get it wrong and lose our way and mess it up. Through thick and thin, erratic or coordinated, we maneuver and try, again and again, until we figure things out. From all of it we grow. Three hundred thirty-seven unique individuals make our student body, a mass of collective activities, a whole group’s journey toward our future.

We are a School. Bask in the landscape we make.

Thank you to all the families who came to the opening. We have some amazing artists in our school community. Hats off to Ms. Lilli for a beautifully creative art show. Her vision came to life! The opening celebration was extra special with fun games and activities, all the brainchild of Ms. Lilli. A very special thank you to fifth grade students Corinne, Iris and Oyane for their help as well as Ms. Lynne.
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