Engaging STEM

Engaging STEM
Posted on 12/20/2017

This year's STEM Fair was the best yet! There was so much excitement. Innovators, creators, and problem solvers took advantage of all the STEM Fair had to offer. Every station was filled with wonderful building and exploration. Rubber band cars, craft stick harmonicas, diffractors, catapults, roller coasters, LED flashlights, flinker, egg carton jenga, and cup towers...so much to experience.

Thank you to all the members of STEM Club for a tremendous evening! STEM Fair would not have happened without the efforts of many dedicated parents. Thank you to Todd Zickler, Andrea Meyer, Josh Finkelstein, and Kjersti Rosen for spearheading a wonderful event. Thanks to Lianne Fisman, Liz Vance, Anna Lumelsky, Josh Goodman, Brian and Lauren Kiraly, Harlan Bosmajian, Mary McCagg, Kane Larin, Adam Palmer, Kathy Yoon, Marty Bakal, Andrew Jankowich, Aran Nathanson, Todd Sperry, Anu Rao, David Roberson, and Emily Sequeira, encouraging students and their families while building and experimenting.

Thank you to Beth Vogel for organizing the food sale. Thank you to Beth, Audrey Day-Williams, and Alex Taylor for manning the food table. Thanks to bakers LeAnn Roughley, Katie Salter, Maritza Soto, Julie Wilkins, Suzi Boxer, Jill Crittenden, Bob Neer, Michelle Lower, Beverly Kennedy, Lauren Holleran, Kate Flaim, Audrey Day-Williams, and Jennifer Yeh.

Thank you to staff members Ms. Jayne Lynch, E.J. Beucler, and Kelsey Fitzgerald for their support.

Thank you to our custodians Rob and Tony for quickly turning the cafeteria into an incredible room of building fun.

Thank you to Liz Vance of Mucky Kids for preparing and donating materials.

More STEM Fair fun includes students designing on Tinkercad and learning about light waves and when the waves striking the diffractors creating a rainbow.

On the Wall of Discovery, students and parents wrote their observations about their results and creations.

My catapult went 50 inches!
It's hard to make something not sink and not float, but it's fun! - Eliana
I made a harmonica. Depending on where the tape is, it makes a different sound. - Emery
I learned that flashlights are delicate and come in any shape.. - Abigail.
When you knock down a side of a cup tower, the whole thing will fall.
My flink floated! - Onora
White lights turn into rainbows, red lights didn't.
Make your catapult arm longer. - Alice
If you take off cork of a flinker, it is a very precise way to get it to flink.
Longer necked catapults make farther launches.
I discovered if a car had enough momentum, it could do loop-de-loops on a sideways road. - Isaac
In building, everything needs to be exact or the building will break.
We made a big egg carton sculpture. - Caitlin & Fatima

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