Remembering Bobby Scott

Remembering Bobby Scott
Posted on 02/11/2019

Forever the Unsung Hero of Baldwin
Beloved Baldwin School cook Robert (Bobby) Scott passed away on February 3. Bobby cooked for the Baldwin students for 15 years and was a cook in the school district for 22 years. Bobby was the light, the energy, and the vivacity of the kitchen. Everyday, the kitchen was filled with laughter because of Bobby's fun-loving spirit. Bobby had a wonderful sense of humor and he loved making everyone laugh. His smile was infectious. What our staff and students loved about him was his passion and unique style. Bobby was truly the unsung hero of the Baldwin School for many, many years.

Bobby ScottA longtime Cambridge resident, Bobby raised six children. His hobbies included fishing and bowling. His favorite food was his mother's pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravy. His daughter passed along to our staff that Bobby felt everyone here made him feel like family. He felt like the people he worked with brought out the best in him.

Whenever we lose a member of our community, they leave a hole that will never be filled. Everyone loved Bobby and he will be greatly missed.

We have not made this news public to students, though many staff are understandably affected. Some of your children may have known Bobby well, a little, or not at all. If you choose to speak with them about this, the following guidelines may be helpful:

  • Communicate with your child at a developmentally appropriate level, but be honest, use simple, clear language, and avoid euphemisms like “passed away” which can confuse children.
  • Listen, answer questions, and offer comfort and reassurance.

  • Recognize that all individuals cope with and process information about death differently. Some children, especially those who have experienced prior losses, may have more pronounced reactions than others. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch with the school’s counseling staff if you have concerns about your child’s reaction.
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