Phenomenal Friends of Baldwin

Phenomenal Friends of Baldwin
Posted on 11/22/2019
Another Election Day food sale success. This year our families raised $1,900 for Friends of Baldwin to help provide field trip scholarships and in-school enrichments, a tremendous outcome considering it was a local election. This incredible effort was due to our remarkable community. Voters come to the polls knowing there will be delicious baked items and they especially look forward to the hot soups, chilis, and empanadas. Thank you to all the parents who provided baked items or a crock pot of deliciousness. Our building smelled amazing thanks to Audrey who raised the bar making homemade Belgian waffles.

Thank you to all the parents who provided wonderful baked items:
Allison, Amgad, Amy B., Amy F., Ang, Angela, Beth, C.A., Chloe, Courtney, Dara, Ellen, Erin, Jenn, Jill, Joanne, Jodi, Kelly, Laura, Leslie, Marc, Melissa, Muriel, Monique, Nathalie, Nazgol, Nissa, Penelope, Rana, Rebecca, Rhiannon, Suzi, Tala, Zoe, and anyone who was missed (sorry Maritza).

To the talented cooks in the crew, thank you to Ashley, Audrey, Ed, Elisa, Martina, Noelle, and Sandra for her beautiful empanadas.

Bake SaleThank you to the parents who took time out of their day to man the table to meet the voting neighbors - Andrew, Angela, Ashley, Audrey, Beth, Daniela, Fatma, Kate, Nina, Rachel, Selma, Valeria, Weezie, and Zoe. Thank you!

Thank you to Noelle, Allison, and Haley for their help in prepping all the items.
Always, thank you to Audrey and Ashley, our FoB co-presidents, who were there at every turn. Thank you to Angela, Andrew and Nina for their continued support throughout the day.
And a huge thank you to kindergarten parent Haley for jumping in to manage the process, solicit donations and for being there bright and early to meet the enthusiastic voters at the opening bell. As a new parent to our school, with three young children, Haley was unflappable. Thank you!

Thank you to our community for their generous donations. Thank you to HiRise Bread, Bagelsaurus, Darwins, Broadsheet Coffee, Iggy's, Panera in Porter, Starbucks (Massachusetts Avenue and Shepard) and Trader Joe's on Memorial Drive.

November is gratitude month and we have much to be thankful for... so many working together for the good of the kids.
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