Movement Stations

Movement Stations
Posted on 12/20/2017

FeetThis year, our Occupational Therapist Intern, Mirah Sand, under the direction of our Occupational Therapist, Christine Leonard, created Movement Stations in the school.

Why? Our staff uses movement breaks in the classroom. To develop a uniform culture surrounding movement breaks and physical activity, these movement stations can be used for all students. They provide an opportunity for students to self regulate. They are accessible for a wide age range. The station couples energizing movements with calming or regulating movements to get students ready to return to the classroom. Research shows that movement stations can increase the on task behavior of students. The same research stated teachers found an increase in attention after use of the movement station.

What is Self-Regulation? It is the ability for the body to organize and respond to sensory input, to control behavior and emotion. If a students is feeling tired after lunch and doesn't have energy to participate, self-regulation will help to keep them alert. Or if a student is sensitive to loud noises, how to calm themselves down. Movement stations create more optimal arousal levels and calming levels to return to class, ready to learn.

Where are they? There are four movement stations in the hallways of the school.

  • Basement level by the K-2 music room.
  • First floor across from Wyatt/Raquel's office (Room 106)
  • Second floor near the bathrooms
  • Third floor across from the bathrooms.
  • You will see a box made out of tape with footprints in them.
  • On the wall, you will find the sequence of the activity.

Movement Activities

ENERGIZING MOVEMENTS - do 10 of each movement

  • Wall push ups
  • Jumping jacks
  • High knees (like you are running in place)
  • Windmills (feet shoulder width apart, right arm to left foot, then
  • come up, then left arm to right foot)

CALMING MOVEMENTS - each for 10 seconds

  • Table pose (sit on your bottom, put your hands behind, and then lift your bottom so you look like a table)\
  • Plank pose (looks like a push up)
  • Self Squeeze (lay on your back and bring you knees to your chest)
  • Belly breathing (hand on belly, breath in through your nose and out through your mouth)

This break should take no longer than five minutes. It is a great way for students to get their wiggles out.

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