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Graphic Novelist George O'Connor

Graphic Novelist George O'Connor
Posted on 05/11/2015
George O'ConnorFourth grade travelled to the Cambridge Public Library to see George O'Connor, author of the graphic novel Olympians series.

George started drawing Greek mythology as a child. He showed a photo of the Greek Gods from his books and had the kids name them and their relationships. Cambridge students know their Greek Mythology! Olympians will be a 12 book series. He showed the original sketch of the Zeus cover to show how the drawing started and then how the final cover turned out. He showed them a dummy and then a finished version.

"Gods are immortal - they never grow old and they never die. Secondly, the gods change shape in like every myth... Almost every myth about Zeus is him chasing pretty ladies. If you could change shape, would you be an old guy or would you be a surfer guy from California?"

George O'ConnorGeorge went through his books telling abbreviated versions of the Greek myths. He told the story of Athena's birth out of Zeus' head and the story of Zeus and Hera's courtship. He told the story of Herculus. He was very dynamic and animated and added lots of humor so Baldwin students were captivated.

 "I like to draw monsters. I like to draw muscle men. I like to draw pretty ladies. This book (Aphrodite) is all pretty ladies!" He showed them some pictures from his sketch book.

Find George on Twitter: @georgetheMighty