First Annual Baldwin STEM Day

First Annual Baldwin STEM Day
Posted on 03/22/2019

Thursday, March 14 is known as Pi Day. The Baldwin School celebrated Science Technology Engineering and Math! The buzz of collaboration, experimentation, discovery, and excited observation filled the building.

Thank you to parents Josh Finkelstein, Beth Taylor, Chris Lim, Audrey Day-Williams, and all our amazing parent volunteers who made the day remarkable. Huge thanks to Friends of Baldwin for making it all possible. Ms. Heidi was the master scheduler who designed an extraordinary day. She worked with Josh and team to plan every activity and every presentation, making sure that every detail was taken care of.

The day started with an all-school meeting. Mr. O'Connor taught the students (and Ms. Moylan), about Pi. That kicked off a day of wonder.

Every grade experienced an incredible presentation. Thank you to Drumlin Farm and Mass Audubon for presenting mice and their habitats to our JK/K classrooms. Students observed how mice interact with other mice in their habitat. The first grade students learned about the life cycle of amphibians observing tadpoles, frogs, toads, and salamanders. Second and third grade students were wowed by a presentation by author Katie Slivensky, author of The Countdown Conspiracy and The Seismic Seven. Katie is a science ambassador and enthusiast. She shared great science demonstrations. She discussed scientific discoveries, did experiments, and also shared the writing process. Science taught her how to ask big questions and find answers to them. Katie now writes about science. Her love of it shows in her books.

Our fourth and fifth grade students had a wonderful presentation by Jessica Garrett (also known as The Sunshine Voice). She has a unique and young sounding voice. You may have heard her recordings - she is the voice behind "You're watching WGBH Kids!" Jess, a former teacher and author of Oh, Ick!, she taught the students about sound and electromagnetic magic. They learned about amplitude, sound waves, vibrations, sound energy, and more. Students built speakers, and that culminated with a dance party!
Each classroom had a hands-on activity, led by a STEM Club parent or volunteer parent. Our fifth graders were so excited for the egg drop challenge. Thank you to Laura, Bob, and Josh along with Nick Yeh and Curry for their help. The kids worked in pairs to create a carrier for their egg. Many designed a vessel that protected their egg in the large two-story fall. Fourth grade students created their own lighted circuits. Third graders built balloon powered cars. Second graders learned all about atoms and molecules from parent scientists Beth and Alex, and they were engrossed in doing experiments. The first grade students enjoyed sink and float activities while the kindergarten students made helicopters and balancing butterflies.

The day would not have run as smoothly as it did without the help from our parents. We are so very grateful. Thank you Abigail, Adam, Amgad, Allison, Andrea, Andrew, Angela, Ashley, Bethany, Bob, Cathy, Colin, Dane, Daniela, Elaine, Elisabeth, Ellen, Erica, Jenny, Jessica, John, Krista, Laura, LeAnn, Leslie D., Leslie N., Liluye, Lindsay, Liz, Martina, Michelle M., Miwa, Muriel, Nina, Penelope, Peter, Rachel, Riele, Rishi, Sarah O., Sarah P., Selma, Sucharita, Taila, Tina, Valeria, and Zoe. We hope you had as much fun as the kids did.
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