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Call All Fans of Greek Mythology

Call All Fans of Greek Mythology
Posted on 02/11/2019
George O'ConnorWhat an incredible morning at the Cambridge Public Library, thanks to our librarian, Ms. Kugel! Ms. Kugel arranged for our 4th grade students to meet a phenomenal author/illustrator, George O'Connor. George has a very popular series of books about Greek mythology, The Olympians. He started his presentation by timing how fast he could draw a picture of Zeus --- 20 seconds! He has learned that when you write and draw for a living, it is beneficial to be able to draw quickly. George shared his love of heroes and Greek stories, introducing the students to his latest book in the series, Hephaistos, God of Fire. Initially the title of this new book was to be Fire and Fury. For adults reading this article, they will chuckle as that title was already taken by author Michael Wolff. Thank you to Porter Square Books who provided every student received a signed copy of the latest book Hephaistos: God of Fire.

Visit George's website which includes tutorials on drawing.