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A Glimpse into the Library...Wevideo Projects

A Glimpse into the Library...Wevideo Projects
Posted on 05/22/2015
WevideoMs. Kugel and Mr. Beucler, collaborating library and media technology with grade 3 and 4 students using Wevideo, an online video editing software. Wevideo a great resource for students to learn how to create and edit multimedia presentations and have full integration with their Cambridge student Google account. The 3rd grade students created biographies of famous African-American heroes. In this project students researched, collected images, wrote a script and narrated their movies. The 4th grade students created book trailers using Wevideo.

For their 30 second movies, students had to write and narrate their script, chose creative commons images that they could use to convey character, plot, and setting, and edit the sound and images. These projects were presented to their families and some were selected for all-school meeting.