3D Space Colonies

3D Space Colonies
Posted on 12/19/2019
These are a few examples of the space colonies created by the fourth grade students in Library Technology class. They were asked to think about solutions for energy, water, and food sources. They designed their colonies using Tinkercad, a 3D design software.
My space station, the Soaring Eagle, is going to orbit Rhea, a moon of Saturn. My space station is going to be two orbs with a tunnel between them and two wings on each orb that has solar panels on the wings (I’m using solar).

The cockpit is going to be in the front orbs and there is going to be a lounge in the tunnel and in the back orbs, there will be a research lab. There will be two bathrooms in each orb, the tunnel will also have 2 bathrooms. I’m also going to have mini ships sent to Rhea to get ice and water.

This space ship will also orbit and land to get more sunlight. I’m going to get a lot of water when I land at the planet. I am going to bring plants and grow food on my space station. The gardening area will be in one of the wings so the plants get a lot of sunlight. I will refuse the water by heating it up. Why I called it the Soaring Eagle is because it kinda looks like a bird. - by Kabir

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