Principal's Corner: February 6, 2018

Dear Baldwin Families,

While I’ve sent out a few communications about official things (like report cards), I’m excited to contribute some thoughts to this week’s Baldwin Broadside after missing the last issue!

You may remember that in the fall I sent out a letter describing my entry plan--the systematic way I’d gather and use information in my first year at Baldwin. I wanted to ensure that I’d “hit the ground learning” as much as I’d “hit the ground running” as we often hear.

I have definitely taken a dive into working together with students, parents and staff. And, I am also deliberately trying to remain in listening mode, knowing that there is important history and unspoken ideas that need to be drawn out if we’re to move forward most effectively.

Next week I’ll be sending out a letter to families with a summary of what I have learned as part of that entry process. Included will be those things that are strengths for Baldwin and also areas of improvement that I heard about.

In the next week, I encourage you to answer a quick survey and share your thoughts, so your voice is part of my information gathering process. The link to the survey was included in the email that sent this edition of the newsletter. This is the same survey I sent out in the fall so you may have filled it out already (don’t worry if you’re not sure--fill it out again!) I’m also happy to meet with any families who’d like to meet in person or talk on the phone. Just give the front desk a call and Elaine can set something up. You may know that the following motto has been foundational for our school community for many years: “Many Voices...One Community.”

It has been wonderful to get to know the Baldwin community better and better over time. It’s a very special learning community! I’m excited to be well into this first year and I look forward to the years to come!

With Love,