News from the Garden: December 5, 2017

News from the Garden: December 5, 2017
Posted on 12/05/2017

The temps continue to get lower, and the garden is getting ready for some rest. Classes have been busy pulling out plants, planting winter rye and garlic, cooking warm soups, and measuring and sketching changes they are noticing. A few awesome activities have been....

  • Ms. Wong's first grade class compared different plants of the same variety to notice similarities and differences, both between plants of the same age, and between parent and offspring plants

  • Carrie's kindergarten class and Corianne's kindergarten classes have helped pull out plants that are dying and have mixed them into the compost to decompose

  • Mr. Fishkin's kindergarten students have bravely tasted many different plants and herbs in the garden

  • Kerrilee Niles and Megan Nolasco's classes have helped fill the garden with winter rye to protect it throughout the winter

As the winter comes and the plants start to decompose, the garden stays full of activity underground.

Did you know that adding used coffee grounds to a compost bin is really good for the compost? Please think of our compost and bring your used coffee grounds and add them to the compost bin in the garden behind the school. Thank you! Looking forward to a new season in the garden with you all!

- Michele Kaufman (Gardener Michele)

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