Before School Activities

ActivitiesBefore school activities do not require permission forms.

Read To Me
Grades JK–5
Thursdays | 8:10 – 8:40AM
Art Room

Do you love getting read to? Come and listen to picture books read out loud while you look at their illustrations projected on a screen. Up to 22 students grades JK-5th can come up every Thursday morning from 8:10AM until the first bell rings at 8:40AM. Leave all your stuff neatly outside of the art room, enter in total silence (if you arrive after 8:10AM a story might be in progress), sign in, and sit comfortably, anywhere. We’ll read as many books as the time allows. Like in a library or a movie theater, quiet is required so all can enjoy. Start your Thursdays with stories!

Let's Move
Grades JK-2: Mondays and Wednesday | 8 – 8:40AM
Grades 3-5: Tuesdays and Thursdays | 8 – 8:40AM
Baldwin Gymnasium

Our Physical Education teacher, Sylvain Gladu offers our students a chance to move before school. Let's Move offers the students an opportunity to participate in various physical activities in the gymnasium. The activities vary from jump roping to basketball with a wide variety of options adapted to all ages and students. The purpose of the program is to provide all students with the option of exercising in a fun and creative forum in an enjoyable and safe environment.

STEM Club (Grades 2-5)
Fridays | 8 – 8:40AM 
Baldwin Library

STEM club challenges the idea that math is just arithmetic. By engaging in projects, explorations, games, and math competition problems, children will exercise their creative and analytical minds. Students will have the chance to pick from different math, science, and engineering “stations” where they will work with friends, teachers, and parent volunteers to build, create, and solve. This fall children will make straw gliders, rubber-band harmonicas, and tin foil boats, among other things, as they learn about thinking like and engineer.

Math Olympiad (Grades 4-5
Mondays | 8 - 8:40AM

Coaches Room, 4th Floor

Math Olympiad is for children who have expressed an affinity for math and are looking to tackle hard problems. Students will explore a math topic or strategy in depth, learn strategies for problem solving, and learn the satisfaction and thrill of meeting a challenge.

Crazy 8's (Grades K-1
Thursdays | 8 - 8:40AM
Baldwin Library
It's math gone wild! Have fun with math and engineering!
Class is limited to 20 students per session. Each session will run through the program for a few weeks. It will then be repeated for those on the waitlist. Sign up/permission sheet required. Sign up forms will be sent home soon.