Thank You, President Obama

Thank You, President Obama
Posted on 02/01/2017
thank you cardMr. O'Connor's first grade students wrote thank you notes to President Obama. They also wrote postcards to the incoming president.

Here are some of the sentiments to President Obama:
  • Thank you for the wonderful things that you did for everyone. - Sophia
  • Thank you for health care because my family could not afford the cost of my hospital stay. - Remy
  • I like that the world is a better place. - Blanca
  • Thank you for making laws fair and right and not separating anyone. - Sterling
  • Thank you for changing the world and making the world happier. - Sarah
  • Thank you for being a peaceful president. - Bohdi
  • Your speeches make me happy. - Milu
  • Thank you for making the world a good place. - Isaac
  • Thank you for making the world happy and fair and being to nice to the people. I hope you will visit. - Zulekha