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TED Talks Ideas Worth Spreading

TED Talks Ideas Worth Spreading
Posted on 03/22/2016

Ted TalkEach 5th grade student selected a topic they were passionate about. They prepared a TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) talk and they all presented their ideas to the 5th grade families at an enlightening TED Talk evening. The topics were wide-ranging; humanitarian, educational, inspirational, and some, comical.

Jenna presented why women should have equal rights. Nick made health a priority, specifically stopping smoking. Some talks were focused around school. Rayan rallied for more recess and the benefits of extended recess time. Stachine talked about liberating 5th graders from walking in line order. Yunis spoke about the benefits of history class and why there should be more. Animals and animal rights, always a popular topic, included a talk from Oliver R. about why people should get a puppy, Maya talking about dogs as friends, and Ryan very convincingly explained why you shouldn't hunt animals.

A spontaneous flash mob happened during the event with the students giving their families a sneak peek of their ballroom dancing skills.