Storytelling Theater

Storytelling Theater
Posted on 11/02/2015
Our students in kindergarten and first grade participate in storytelling theater where the students are the actors. Storytelling is a powerful medium that helps develop visual imagery skills and is an effective bridge to emergent literacy. Each classroom has their own “stage” where students take turns creating stories and acting them out together. Storytelling builds children's self-control, fosters cultural appreciation, develops working memory, inspires imagination and encourages children to take risks. Suzette Abbott, a retired kindergarten teacher, visits the classrooms to do storytelling with the students. 

Here are the responses from students when asked, What do you think about storytelling and story acting? 

"I like it because you get to tell stories." - Blanca 
"It's awesome! I really like telling stories." - Henry 
"It's fun 'cause kids get to make up stories and everybody gets to act in every story if they want to." - Noah 
"I think it's like you're in a play and it's kinda fun." - Colette 
"I like being in the story and listening to them." - Nicholas 
"I think it's fun because I get to spend time with my friends and I like the good feeling of being together." - Alyson 
"It's great. It's good for all grades. It's fun because you can make up stories and use your imagination." - Ethan  
"I love it because I love acting. I love performing in front of people." - Leila 
"I really like story acting because you get to make a story and the class gets to act it out and it's really fun. There's no limit what you can tell about." - Lydia