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Seeing STARS!

Seeing STARS!
Posted on 10/31/2016

StarsMs. Lozado, a teacher from the high school, brought her STARS students to the Baldwin, spending time in the grade 1 and 2 classrooms to talk about what makes a peaceable school. STARS (Students Teaching and Advocating Respect) peer leaders talked about how to solve problems to make things better, how to help make the classroom and the school a peaceable place.

The first grade students were so excited to meet the high school students. One student exclaimed, "Wow, he is sooo tall!" She could not take her eyes off of him. Troby, Jason, Mary, Tenzen, Katarina, and Kenitia worked in one of the first grade rooms. After introductions, they played a game - Pulse - passing the squeeze. They tried it three times, timing it, and each time, the pulse passed quickly. After their warm-up game, the students brainstormed ideas about peacemaking and how to solve problems. Here are some of the ideas the first graders came up with:

  • be kind, be nice
  • treat others the way you want to be treated
  • talk it out
  • be respectful
  • sharing
  • give people the space they need
  • listen to people's words
  • talk when it is your turn to talk
  • hands to yourself
  • safe bodies
  • no teasing or bullying
  • have patience
  • try something new
  • take a deep breath and a moment to calm down
  • think about where you want to put your energy
  • express how you're feeling and what you need
  • listen to the other person's story
  • practice being in someone else's shoes
  • try to solve the problem first before asking a teacher to help
  • think about how you would solve it so it won't happen again.

StarsThe STARS students did a skit showing how two students should not treat each other. The kids then talked about ways they could have handled the situation better.

Another first grade classroom drew pictures of a conflict and then talked about how to help solve the problem.

The STARS students are scheduled to spend time in every classroom in the next few weeks.