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STEM Fair 2015

STEM Fair 2015
Posted on 12/18/2015
It was an evening of fun-filled, challenge activities. Students and their parents tried different challenges including LED Flashlights, Boat’s Afloat, Craft Stick Harmonicas, Paper Mobiles, Flinker, Motion Picture and Cup Towers. The Wall of Discovery was a place for students to reflect on what they built or created.

STEMA HUGE thank you to all the families who participated and volunteered at STEM Fair! What a tremendous evening. Thank you to the incredible members of the STEM Club spearheaded by Todd Zickler, Emily Ehrenfeld, Rick Sullivan, Andrew Jankowich, and Kjersti Rosen. Special thanks to our Math Coach Ms. Kelsey Fitzgerald for her infectious enthusiasm and leadership. Thank you to the many parents who helped with the various activities. Thank you to Laura, Tarik, Elisabeth, John, Sanjay, Shawna, Kane, Todd R., Bob, Erin, Mary-Margaret, Aran, Alexia, Courtney, Jill, Kyle, and Ran. Without all of you, this evening would not be possible. Thank you to the amazing group of parents who baked and volunteered their time for the food sale. Thank you to Belmont Savings for sponsoring the event. Thank you to Ms. Kugel for the use of the library for STEM club, and to Mr. Leonardos for his constant support and encouragement.

The planning for STEM Fair 2016 is already underway!