Parting Words of Wisdom

Parting Words of Wisdom
Posted on 06/22/2017
buttonAdvice from the 5th grade

Back then… if you only knew! Back in Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th… What is it that you wish you had known? What could have made your life a little bit easier, just a little bit sweeter?

The Maria L. Baldwin School is an elementary school that goes up to 5th grade. Fifth graders, carrying the most experience of the bunch, become an example and an inspiration for all the other children at the school.  They’ve been through it: the ups and downs, the struggles, the victories, and the you-gotta-try-agains.  When they leave us, a wealth of knowledge leaves- so much experience!  Off they go, more ready to fend for themselves and others, more ready for even more arduous responsibility and growth.

buttonsWe asked our 5th graders to dig deep and think: What did you wish you knew back then? What were your struggles? What advice would you leave others with? Sincerely: What would you say were a little sibling to ask, “What should I keep in mind?”  We asked them to make sure to choose things they themselves had to learn, things they have a feeling they might always want to remember.  

The one-of-a-kind pin-back buttons on display here were made by each of our parting 5th graders. These pins will leave with them at the end of the year.  They will serve as a friendly nudge of what to keep in mind as they move on in the world.  Take a moment and heed the words, the experience, the knowledge.  And then look again and think… what is it that you might need to remember?