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Math Expert Greg Tang Visits

Math Expert Greg Tang Visits
Posted on 05/23/2017
Greg TangHow lucky are the students in grades 1 & 2? On Monday, May 22, New York Times best-selling author and math guru Greg Tang came to the Baldwin to teach a math lesson to the students in grades 1 and 2. Mr. Tang writes children’s picture books as an author for Scholastic. He is also an author for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s elementary math textbook program. His work has been included in many other major textbook programs in the United States as well, including Math Expressions, Go Math, Everyday Math, and Investigations.

His mission is to help children of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds with the fundamentals of mathematics through his books and games, which enable students to have fun while learning key math concepts. His website,, offers many free on-line games for students to play that reinforce core math concepts.

During his visit, he focused on number bonds. What are number bonds? Ask any first or second graders --- they have the answer.

A number bond is a useful tool in understanding numbers and basic arithmetic. They are the relationship between a number and the parts that make it. "A whole thing is made up of parts. If you know the parts, you can put them together (add) to find the whole. If you know the whole and one of the parts, you take away the part you know (subtract) to find the other part."