Information on the Sacramento Street Field Renovation

Information on the Sacramento Street Field Renovation
Posted on 12/19/2016
Commitments Moving Forward
The City is committed to making the following improvements and enhancements to Sacramento Field as part of the renovation process.

Two Park Entrances: To create two entrances to the park that are visible, accessible, safe and well-identified by park signage providing a convenient way for the neighborhood to access the park.

Open Space: To preserve the openness of the field to support a variety of active and passive activities. The design concept will be able to meet youth soccer field space needs as confirmed by Cambridge Youth Soccer leadership.

Enclosed tot lot and entrance gates: Commitment to include a 20 x 40ft enclosed flat toddler play area to accommodate younger children that includes seating, a sand play area as well as an additional infant and toddler play structure that includes a slide, cleated toddler incline, toddler stairs, steering wheel, mirrored panel, and deck with covering. Additional commitment to add gates upon entry to the field at both entrances.

Nature-based Play Area: To include a reimagined natural-based play area that achieves a less artificial look. The design will be able to accommodate winter sledding.

Sitting areas and other park amenities: To provides amenities that currently do not exist including seating and tables, bike parking, message board, historical marker, benches, and a water fountain.

Commitments to Sacramento Community Garden: The square footage loss from the community garden for the new path will be replaced with an equivalent amount of area at the back of the garden. Selective tree pruning management over a period of several years will be undertaken by the City arborist, including the removal of the mulberry tree. In addition, there will be new garden fencing and gates, water spigot, message board, and raised planter beds. Sequencing of improvements will be carefully worked out in advance with gardeners.

Landscaping Improvements: To incorporate landscaping improvements with native tree plantings as well as buffer planting of shrubs and vines to visually soften the edges, create shade, attract birds, and give more privacy to abutters.

Multi-use Hard Surface Ball Court: To resurface and re-line the court, replace the timber retaining wall with masonry wall, and fencing.

Drainage and Storm Water Management Improvements: The City will ensure that when the field is redone that it has grades to better cooperate with the catch basins, e.g. a crown in the center of the field to take water to basins better. In addition, DPW has renewed a commitment to maintain the nine catch basins on a regular schedule.