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Energy, Force, Motion, and More!

Energy, Force, Motion, and More!
Posted on 12/19/2016

Thank you to parents Kjersti Rosen and Todd Zickler for spearheading an amazing STEM Fair. The STEM Fair was wildly successful due to the incredible efforts of the wonderful parents and students of STEM Club. Everyone was engaged in a wide-array of hands-on activities.

It was an evening of activities including students attempting to build the tallest possible tower using cups. Students and their families tackled the challenge of building marble roller coasters, learning about force and motion. A big hit was making LED flashlights and learning about circuits. Everyone enjoyed making popsicle stick catapults and learning about the potential energy of rubber bands. And thaumatropes … optical-illusion motion pictures ... captivated all ages. Mr. Beucler helped students with Tinkercad and demonstrated the wonder of the 3D printer!

STEM Fair's remarkable success is because of an enormous group of dedicated parents and caregivers who volunteered. Thank you to Mary-Margaret, John, David, Harlan, Andrea, Tito, Chris, Peter, Todd, Rob, Andrew, Marty, Brian, Lauren, Josh, Danielle, Oyeshiku, Cathy, Nina, Rachel and Lianne. Thank you to E.J. Beucler and Jayne Lynch for their support. And, thanks to the Friends of Baldwin for their generous support and enthusiasm.