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Election Day | Thank You!

Election Day | Thank You!
Posted on 12/05/2016
Election DayWhat an amazing team effort! Election Day at Baldwin was remarkable. Many thanks to Allison, Cynthia, and Jenny for organizing the food sale. Thanks to all who were involved, the Friends of Baldwin raised $2,883! Thank you to Amanda, Amy, Andrea, Andrew, Ang, Angela, Annie, Audrey, Begum, Beth, Bethany, Bob, Cathy, Chris, Christiana, Cici, Dana, Danae, Daniela, Darine, Diana, Elisa, Elizabeth, Emily, Eric, Erin, Eunice, Hiroko, Jascha, Jennifer, Jenn, Joanne, Joe, Johanna, Judith, June, Kanako, Kate F., Katie D., Katie S., Leslie D., Leslie N., Lianne, Lindsay, Lindsey, Lisa, Liz, Melanie, Melissa, Michelle, Moran, Natasa, Nina, Noelle, Patrick, Rachael, Rebecca, Sarah, Suzanne, and Valeria.

Thank you to Atsushi Katsumi for his assistance interviewing our new school clerk. Thank you for taking time to help in the hiring process.

Thank you to Tessa for heading up the wreath project and thank you to Kjersti for hosting the bow party at her home. Thank you to the many helpers who helped make bows and assembled beautiful wreaths.