Class Pets

Class Pets
Posted on 11/16/2015
guinea pigsThank you to Abdullah for his contribution about the pets in second grade.

In Ms. Power's room, there is a red-eared slider. Her name is Zoolily. She likes to eat lettuce and mealworms. She greets you at the door when you come into room 202. We have two gecko brothers. They don't really have names. Everyone calls them something different. The geckos like to eat superworms, mealworms and crickets. 
There is also a guinea pig named Pepsi. Guinea pigs like to eat carrots and apples. Sometimes she makes a lot of noise.

In Ms. Karma's classroom, there are two more guinea pigs, Caramel and Monchita.

In both classes, one of the jobs of the students is zookeeper. The zookeeper is responsible for taking care of the pets in the classroom that week. On Friday afternoon, during PTT (play's the thing), one of the choices is playing with the guinea pigs.