Baldwin’s Visual Arts Begin the New Year!

Baldwin’s Visual Arts Begin the New Year!
Posted on 10/04/2016
art jk/kJK and kindergarten students read the book Beautiful Oops! by Barney Saltzberg. We are learning that when you make a mistake, instead of being upset or frustrated, you can take it as an opportunity to be creative and make something beautiful.  Students are using their creativity to make the best of a ripped piece of paper or a crumpled up paper.

art 1stFirst grade is learning about foreground, middleground, and background.  Did you know you can trick people’s eyes by making a 2 dimensional piece of paper look deep?  You can draw things so that it looks like some are in front and some are in the back, far, far away, deep in your picture.  Ask them!  They can show you how.  

art 2ndSecond grade has started discussing symmetry.  What is it?  Not only does it have to be the same thing on both sides but it has to be an actual mirror image.  We used scissors to begin our symmetry challenge. What tricks can you do with paper and scissors to create actual symmetry, not just almost symmetry?    

art 3rdThird grade is working on drawing and creating three dimensional forms on paper. We all know our shapes: circles, squares, triangles, etc. How do you create the illusion of a 3D form on a flat piece of paper?  How do you turn a circle into a sphere? How do you draw a cylinder? What’s the difference between a square and a cube? How can you turn a triangle into a triangular prism or a pyramid?  

art 4thFourth grade started experimenting with interesting lettering.  What different ways can you write the same letter, the same word? How can you embellish letters, making them into interesting, meaningful pictures?  Can you make a word look all the more like itself?  Can you keep it legible and also make it complex and full of imagery? Beautiful writing (calligraphy!) is in the near future...  

art 5thFifth grade is painting miniature (about 1 inch) selves. They are painting really tiny chess piece- like wooden pieces and turning them into a type of self-portrait sculpture. Where will these little selves go?  Anywhere they choose, right? You’ll see!