All School Meeting

All School Meeting
Posted on 10/04/2017
Janelle and Jack, 5th grade hosts, led the first all-school meeting of the year. At the first meeting, students learned the rules and learned what an all-school meeting is all about. Jack and Janelle reminding everyone that the rules are to sit in one place and listen to the person speaking.

Ms. Moylan then did an energetic all-school greeting. She had the students take their kindness, power, energy, and wisdom, put it into a ball, and throw it to Ms. Heidi and Mr. Roderick. As a community, we're so strong! Together we have a lot of power to do great things this year. Baldwin is strong! Baldwin is kind! Baldwin is smart! Baldwin it not going to give up!

Mr. Roderick announced upcoming after school activities and reminded students of all the great programming that takes place before school from 8 - 8:40AM.

Jack and Janelle read the Baldwin School Core Values:

We, the students of the Maria L. Baldwin School:
Always give our best effort.
Stand up for ourselves and others.
Are kind, positive and safe.
Treat others the way we want to be treated.
Work together to make a fun learning community.

Ms. Heidi then helped everyone learn the "Attention Getting Signal." How do you get a big group quiet? Clap. Clap. Raise your hand. This attention getting signal will be used at all-school meetings, in the cafeteria, and when there is a large group of students gathered.

Ms. McNulty's 3rd grade classroom was selected to help Ms. Heidi review The Baldwin Way: Together, we are safe, kind, respectful and ready to learn.

Ms. Heidi taught the school the silent signal for each:
We are safe - Arms crossed in front of your body, hands in fists, under your chin and then move arms to the side (keeping your hands by your shoulders).

We are kind - think of other peoples feelings.
The silent signal looks like you are pulling love out of our heart.
We are respectful - treating people and things carefully.
The silent signal looks like you are tipping your hat.
We are ready to learn - we are always thinking.
The signal is your left hand is flat with your palm up (like a book) then your right hand is pulling something out of the book and putting it into your head.

At future all-school meetings, classrooms will share. Each meeting will start with a greeting and then there will be a classroom share or two. All-school meetings are by kids - for kids.