A Musical Beginning

A Musical Beginning
Posted on 10/04/2016
musiciansWelcome Ms. Cassandra McDonald to the Baldwin School. Ms. McDonald will be at the Baldwin School on Thursdays teaching music to the students in grades 3 and 4. She will also collaborate with Mr. Epstein, grade JK - 2 music teacher, teaching grade 2 chorus during the day on Thursday. Ms. "Mac" will be offering an upper elementary chorus on Wednesday after school.

Ms. McDonald was born in Newton, raised in Michigan, and spent the last few years in Mississippi. In Mississippi, 'crawfish and sweet tea changed her life'. She loves to play trumpet. Something she wants you to know: She doesn't live on a farm and she doesn't serve hamburgers.

As part of their music class, Ms. Mac and Mr. Epstein present 'Musician of the Month' to the students. Each month, students listen to the works of a master musician during music classes. In addition to learning how to actively listen to music and hearing the musical concepts about which they are learning in action, students learn a variety of musical styles and discover musical role models. You can learn about celebrated musicians by visiting and selecting "Musician of the Month".

An incredible honor for Mr. Epstein, he has been invited to present how he includes Musician of the Month in his instruction at the Organization of American Kodaly Educators National Conference in Philadelphia this spring.