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A Glimpse of Summer Learning

A Glimpse of Summer Learning
Posted on 06/23/2017
Over this summer, we will share pictures of Baldwin students and staff participating in Summer Learning. If you have a great picture, please email it to Lisa Waters. Please include your child's name so that media releases on file can be checked. Thank you and happy learning!

Summer Reading
Ingo and Hano R. are reading Captain Underpants 
on the ferry in Sydney Australia. Check out the Sydney Opera House in the background.

Summer Learning
Jason L. reading a Great Brain book
 at one of the Boston Harbor Islands.

Summer Learning

Jason L. is reading a book in Virginia about early
 American jetliners that his cousin loaned to him.

Summer Learning
Ms Moylan and Curry using their measurement
skills to head out for a kayaking adventure.

Dunk Tank
It is 9AM and I am using my math skills to
estimate how many times I will be dunked today?

Summer Learning
Penny M. with her friend at Wenham Museum over the summer.
She used geometric thinking to build a hexagonal cylinder with magnetic tiles.

Summer Learning
1st grader, Penny M., reading over the summer with her cousin Emmie
(they were imagining they were on a flight to Kenya like their aunts).

Summer Reading
Jason L. reading The Kickers at the pool in Hawaii.

Summer Reading
Jason L. reading to his cousins in Hawaii and cracking
them up by substituting their names into the story.

Karen Kugel Reading
Karin Kugel school librarian reading an MCBA book.

Summer reading
Reading for Class