News by Fourth Corner

News by Fourth Corner
Posted on 05/11/2015
Writing is…
by Jada

Writing is when you write for someone or nobody.
Writing is emotional.
Writing is something powerful.
Writing is when you make up a story.
Writing can be realistic, fantasy, or realasy (realistic fantasy).
Writing is drawing in word form.
Writing can be a gift to someone like an invitation.
Writing can build up imagination.
Writing is unique.

MIT project4th to MIT
by Lila

The 4th graders went on a field trip to the M.I.T. Edgerton Center from 9AM to 1:30PM. Each class went on a different day. When we got there we learned what we were going to do. The activity was making a circuit board. We used wire, a L.E.D, a battery, a piece of duct tape, electrical tape, paper, markers, and brass fasteners. They also did soldering in a very safe way. Ms. Fitzgerald and her MIT assistants were teaching the class but half way through two assistants left to go to school. Each table could hold four kids. The kids could sit wherever they wanted to which was fun.

We first made the two wire connectors then we had lunch. While everyone was working one of the helpers took a table to do soldering. In the soldering room there was a holder to hold the piece of wire that you built so you could solder the connections (like metal glue). You would use safety glasses and the helper would make sure that your fingers weren’t too close to the hot part, the hot part was hotter than an oven at 750 degrees.

If you weren't soldering you would be in the class working on other things like putting in the wires that make the right answer light up or putting in the brass fasteners that give you the option of which answer to chose and gluing your piece of paper to the cardboard. Once you were done with the soldering you would try and catch up to where everyone else is at.

Once you were done with all of the steps, you would connect your connectors to a battery which you tape to a place on the cardboard that doesn't have anything. After you had finished everything and made sure it worked and you had time you could make the paper look better by coloring it with the markers or drawing and making designs. It was really fun!