Poetry Night Celebration!

Poetry Night Celebration!
Posted on 04/22/2015
poetry nightOur annual Poetry Night was held on April 16. More than 60 students read poetry! Thank you to Sara-Jane Rogers for organizing the evening. Many thanks to the students who enthusiastically read poetry. Thank you to the teachers who helped motivate the children to write their own poetry and encourage students to read in front of a crowd. Thanks to the hosts Fionn and Selma.

Thank you to Lynne, Jackie, Richard, Teddy, Hannah, Kelsey and Craig for their support. Thank you to the Friends of Baldwin for funding the prizes and their help with the food sale. Thank you to all the families who provided delicious items!

Sampling of Student Poetry

Rainy Day
by Yuli (grade 1)

Rainy days can be fun.
Believe me!
It just takes imagination and belief
And fun.

by Mieka (grade 2)

Really smart
I love her so much
Excellent at being a sister

Mother and Father
by Lucy (grade 2)

Ready for fun
Never unready
Day ways
Always happy
Ready for fun

Springs Arrival
by Madeline (grade 2)

The snowdrop is covered
With snow up to its flower,
Like a pure white blanket.
Sunshine spills from the sun,
Melting the snow. The snow -
Drop is ready to welcome
Other flowers to the garden.
Spring has arrived!

by Coco (grade 3)

You may not think I'm pretty
But don't judge on what you see
I'm the cleverest pig
ever to be!
I'm also very useful
and you may wonder why?
Because when I die
you may just fine me
in a slice of pie.

by Jane (grade K)

The water swishes.
The beach umbrellas open.
Quiet, quiet, quiet.
The people walk calmly on the sand.
Squish, squish, squish.
The sun shines brightly.
The seaweed moves.
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

Night Time Watching
by Maia (grade 4)

I see an owl, as white as snow.
Soaring high, and swooping low.
In the distance, I see a raccoon.
Looking around to find some food.
Next I see some fireflies.
Glowing brightly to say good night.
Now I must go back to sleep.
And have a good night, and lots
of sweet dreams.

A Pot of Silver Light
by Jenna (grade 4)

Shining, shining in the night.
Better than any sight.
Turning nightmares into dreams,
Calming every piece of me.
Don't be scared of the dark,
the stars and moon are there to light.
Then on enight we will see the light,
a pot of silver light.

The "Great" War
by Yunis and Alexander (grade 4)

The bells rang and the war began.
King vs. kaiser,
The cries of the men, they knew gas was their end.
The lives spent, and more soldiers went.
Killed by gunfire, cut down like barbed wire.
Men dash across land, brothers fight hand to hand.
Troops huddled on benches, in their wet dirty trenches.
As Germany lost its power, men were killed by the hoar.
After four years of war, men saw too much gore.

by Hayden (grade 4)

I left a hairball on the sofa.
I smashed your favorite mug.
I sent an e-mail to your boss.
I scratched up your new rug.
I pushed the lamp onto the floor.
I left you a "present" at the door.
I know you cannot wait for more.
I'll wait for you to see.

I simply make your life happy.

Friends Forever
by Amelia and Violeta (grade 1)

Friends forever in the shining light
Friends forever in the dark
Friends because I know you're there for me
And when the light vanishes
I'll be sitting by your side 
And when the days are growing
We'll be shrinking.