News by 4th Corner: April 7, 2015

News by 4th Corner: April 7, 2015
Posted on 04/07/2015
ericaErica Perl Author Visit
by Jenna & Hayden

Many chairs are gathered around the library as author Erica Perl comes in to visit with fourth and fifth grade students.

We asked, “What inspired you to be author?”
Erica said, “I loved the library and always imagined my name on a book.”

We asked, “Why did you chose to write children's books?”
She said, ”Children's books are the best.”

We asked,” What character are you really fond of?”
She said, ”Ace from When Life Gives You OJ" because it reminded me of my grandpa”.

We asked, “What was your first book?”
She said, “Chicken bed time is really early”.

We asked, “ When did you start writing?”
She said, “Age six and published much later.”

Inspired by many authors & books such as Judy Blume, The Great Brain book series, and her parents, Erica went on and continues to be a fantastic author. She also was inspired by her dog named Clover (which some of her actions have landed her in some of Erica’s books.) Another inspiration was her aunt, she was jealous of her aunt because her job was to write scripts for sesame street. Erica as a child loved Cricket Magazine; she entered, and entered each week and never got her stories in the magazine. Then one day she found her poem - PUBLISHED! Goat Hunter, The Bears Christmas, Mousykins Tail, Scrawny’s Phone Call, and other stories are stories that Erica Perl wrote at a young age. She kept writing! Erica Perl’s TENTH book just came out! Her book Totally Tardy Marty is coming out soon. And her other book Capybara Conspiracy will hopefully be coming out next year.

Everyone really enjoyed this visit and are excited to read the copies of Ace’s Wild that Erica gave to our library. Thank you for coming, Erica Perl!

About the Authors of this Article: Jenna is 9 years old and Hayden is 10 years old. Both are 4th graders in Mr.Hyland’s class.

mathThe Math Carnival – "A Great Success"
by Xander
The Math Carnival - “A Great Success” by Xander 
The Play More Math carnival was hosted on Thursday March 19 in the school gym and full of math, math, math, and electricity!!! The gym was set up with tons of tables and a 3D printer on the stage. The activities included an electricity table, the pi challenge, metric olympics, number balance, many more math games, and last and not least the raffle. The prizes for the raffle were supplied by Lauren Holleran and team of Hammond Residential Real Estate with an addition of bringing a 3D printer.   A 3D printer takes a 2D flat picture and makes a 3D object out of plastic.  They made a cube with triangles in it, a nut, and a screw.  Tons of kids were interested in it, it was fun to have it there. “It was a great success!” said Ben Geiger, the school’s math coach and organizer of the Math Carnival. It was well organized and well done in general. Tons of kids and adults having a great time. “I think that the one small thing that could have been better would be if more children ran the booths,” said Mr. Geiger. “And I’d like to see students doing new things, like Jake from 3rd grade who made the Pi challenge,” Mr. Geiger also said “Jeffrey from 3rd grade got 85 digits of pi in The pi challenge which I find very impressive.” Overall, the Play More Math carnival was a great event to have and you should come next year!

concertThe Kindergarten and 3rd Grade Concert
by Fionn

I walked into the dark auditorium. Parents were already seated. Parents were on their phones waiting for the show to start. I heard a line of antsy kindergartners coming down the stairs. I quickly rushed to the line and asked “Are any of you nervous?” They said no and I believed them, but they were a little shaky. I also asked the 3rd grade. They said no, but they were not shaky at all. When I began to sit down I asked a parent if her kids were excited. She said they really were and they had been practicing A TON.

Finally the show started. It started with a nice song about welcome called Welcome Here. This song was sang by 3rd graders and kindergarteners.

After that song, the kindergarten concert began. They sang songs like echo songs, one about a turtle, and ended with a song about a frog stuck in the mud. I was sitting next to a baby and even it was smiling. It must of been a good show.

The concert was going great, and now the 3rd grade was up. They sang songs about what they had been doing in music, and one about white sails in the sea.

Now it was over. The music teacher was on the stage. I thought I’d interview her, so I went over and asked if the show went as planned. She said yes but she messed up in the last song, the one about white sails. There were supposed to be chimes. I thought it was good anyway. I also asked who she liked, 3rd grade or kindergarten. She said they were both very good in their own way. I liked the kindergarten one. The concert was very good. Even a baby was happy and usually babies cry during loud things, so next time there’s a concert, you should come to it.