A Visit from Heifer International

A Visit from Heifer International
Posted on 04/07/2015
HeiferRachel Brown from Heifer International visited to talk to Ms. Della Calce's kindergarten class. The students learned about how animals give. Cows make healthy milk. They have baby cows. Chickens have many gifts of giving like feathers, baby chicks, and eggs. Chickens can lay more than 200 eggs a year.

Heifer International helps people around the world and in America. They also help in Boston. Heifer helped women who had been homeless to grow vegetables. Rachel gave the class a blessing from Cameroon to thank them for taking the responsibility of the Read to Feed Read-a-thon.

Read to Feed Read-a-thon

After two weeks of our annual read-a-thon the school read 4,681 hours. Please be sure to turn in your reading logs so we can keep track of the total school reading hours! Only a few weeks left. More information on how you can help >> 

Farm Facts

–From Jin: In many countries, animals are used as machines.
–From Thodosia: People began dairy farms over 5,000 years ago but they did not drink it because it could make them sick.
–From Lucy: Sheepdogs have natural herding skills.