JK Learns About Microorganisms

JK Learns About Microorganisms
Posted on 04/07/2015
microorganismsParent Jill worked with the students in Mr. Kelly's junior kindergarten class to teach them about microorganisms. Jill is a biologist that studies microorganisms, small, living things. Microorganisms are all around us. They are really, really small (micro)!

The students learned that some microorganisms are a type of bacteria. Some bacteria is tasty. Yogurt has bacteria in it that makes the milk thick. Bread has yeast in it. The microorganisms eat the sugar and flour, and that is what makes holes in the bread. Cheese also has microorganisms. These are examples of tasty microorganisms. Jill worked with the students to grow bacteria in petri dishes to grow bacteria colonies.

Thanks, Jill!