A Visit from the Weather Machine

A Visit from the Weather Machine
Posted on 03/24/2015
Janice DeanJanice Dean of Fox News Channel met with the first grade students to read her book Freddy and the Frogcaster. A meteorologist tells people when storms come and what to do to prepare. A broadcast meteorologist is on the television. Janice is a broadcast meteorologist on a morning show on Fox News called Fox and Friends. She was reporting in Boston a lot this year because of all the snow.

Janice talked about what inspired her to become a meteorologist. She grew up in Canada and when she was young, she wanted to figure out how much snow they would get in. She showed a picture of herself in what looked like Boston ... lots of snow! Winter is her favorite season. She loves to make snow angels! As a child she liked to record herself and listen to what she recorded. Winter is her favorite season. Janice talked to the students about the almost (and now) record snowfall for the Boston area and for meteorologists, all those storms are very exciting. She remembers ice storms in Canada. They are beautiful, but they can also very dangerous. But, if you are prepared, they are not as dangerous.

The best part of her job is to make sure people know where a storm is, and how to prepare. She gets her information from the National Weather Service and then goes on television to tell the viewers what to expect. Meteorologists that are on television stand in front of a green screen. They do not see the map behind then. Television meteorologists see the map via a monitor that is to their left and right. She cannot wear green because she will disappear on the projected map.

One of the students asked what subjects do you need to study to be a meteorologist. You need to know geography, math because you have to use equations, and science. For example, the wind chill is the real feel of the temperature and that is a calculation of the temperature and the wind speed.

Janice read her book Freddy and the Frogcaster. The book was illustrated by Russ Cox. The book talks about being prepared for storms. Froggy explains why an emergency preparedness kit is important in case the power goes out. Items to include in your kit include a radio, blanket and warm clothing, flashlight, batteries, water and non-perishable food. Janice talked about the time it takes to write a book. For this book, it took close to five years. If you want to be an author, it takes a lot of time and it may be easy to get discouraged, but it you are determined and keep trying, it can finally happen. (Sounds like a growth mindset.)

Her upcoming book, due out in July, is Freddy and the Huge Hurricane. A hurricane is a large ocean storm and once again, Freddy helps you understand what to do to be prepared. Thank you to parent Shona for helping arrange this visit.