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Posted on 03/09/2015

The teachers in grade 5 have been integrating STEM into their classroom. From Nature and Me, a hands on curriculum about nature, the students were interested in composting. Integrating STEM, they designed a worm bin. It started with a math lesson using scale to determine how to design a compost bin. They used estimating to determine the cost. They created a 3-D design from sculpting clay. They will be working with the high school wood working teacher who is donating his time, to help them build their design. The students were asked what they like about STEM. Here are some of their responses:

You get to be creative.
It is really fun to build.
It helps you to work together and be dependable.
It prepares you for future jobs.
You open different parts of your mind.
It is a good life skill, it's fun, and you learn at the same time.
It teaches you to persevere when you come across a problem.
It helps you use more logic.
The 5th grade teachers, Ms. Frazier-Curreri and Mrs. Miller are headed to the National Science Teachers Association Conference in Chicago next week to give a talk to teachers around the country about integrating STEM in the classroom.