TED Baldwin Cares: Ideas Worth Spreading

TED Baldwin Cares: Ideas Worth Spreading
Posted on 03/09/2015
The Baldwin 5th graders each picked a topic they were passionate about and prepared a TED talk. Their TED (which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design) talks included scientific, cultural, and academic topics. Some of their "ideas worth spreading" included Upcycling, Legos, Pros of Video Gaming, Being Nice, Responsibility, the Stock Market, and Cryptozoology. Each student presented their talk to a room full of families. The audience was intrigued by the range of their topics and impressed by their poise and knowledge. These are just two of many incredible talks.

We Are Not All the Same
by Shanira
In today's world people think of Muslims as terrorists, setting bombs off, hurting people, and spreading terror around the world. The stories you hear on the news about Muslims as terrorist like the Marathon bombing people are not how all Muslims act in the Muslim community. We are not all the same. Some do good, some do bad, just like you and me. All religions have bad representatives that make them look bad, Muslims included. After the Marathon bombing, there is a big argument that Muslims should get searched when they go to a mall, store or any public area. I got mad because I don't want to be searched every time I go to a public area. I don't think you would like it either. Think of yourself in our shoes. How I think of it, everyone should be treated equally. You don't see what Muslims do to make people happy or put a smile on your face. I think the news only shows the bad and not the good. Muslims are careful and respectful. We include people and we give a helping hand. We are not terrorists or bomb makers. Just because what you see on the news means we are all the same. Don't think of us bad or horrible people. Just think of us as careful, helpful, respectful and most importantly, just like you.

Why Kids Should be Able to Play Tackle Football
by Raheem
There have been some discussions that young kids should not be able to play tackle football. I think that kids and high school kids should be able to play tackle football. Playing Pop Warner is very important. It prepares you for high school football. It prepares you for college football. It is helpful to get to a scholarship in order to go college. It prepares you for life. You are playing with friends, and learning exciting plays and the fundamentals of football and sportsmanship.

Students commit themselves to the classroom before they play the game so many enjoy. They have to have good grades to play on the field. Parents might be fearful but it is worth the little risk. Football builds character and toughness that no other sport can offer. Fear should not stop possibility.