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Our Changing Earth

Our Changing Earth
Posted on 11/13/2017
Changing EarthA unit of the fourth grade science curriculum is investigating Changing Earth, which is aligned with the Massachusetts Science Technology and Engineering framework. Students expand their erosion, weathering, and deposition experiences beyond the classroom with a visit to The Thomas M. Maynard Ecology Center. In the Changing Earth unit students are learning about how weathering, erosion, and deposition occur and create landforms. During the field trip they went on a walk around Fresh Pond to practice using their developing observation skills to determine if an example is weathering or erosion and detail proof as to the cause of living things, water, or wind.

After lunch they designed and carried out a scientific test using a stream table. Each group tested a theory of erosion by changing a different variable: speed of pouring the water, the amount of water poured, slope of the stream table, or using different materials (gravel, sand, or soil). This outdoor exploration was a great way to bridge the gap between the real world and the classroom.